ACAS Settlement Program

ACAS provides culturally and linguistically appropriate settlement services for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) newcomers from East Asia.  We also work in collaboration with, and outreach to, the broader community.  ACAS provides the following services:


Welcome and Orientation Session:  A monthly ‘meet and greet’ session to discuss LGBT immigration issues and share settlement experiences in a safe environment.  Participants are provided with the “Welcome to Canada: What You Should Know” kit.  Light refreshments provided.

Employment:  We assist with job search, resume preparation, and career counseling; provide information regarding professional accreditation programs (eg. engineering and social work), translate employment or education documents.

Immigration/Legal issues: Learn about your rights and obligations as a Canadian, immigrant, and visitor to Canada; learn about family sponsorship (including same-sex sponsorship); HIV and refugee issues

Health: Learn how to obtain public (OHIP) and private insurance coverage; find a LGBT friendly health professional; receive information about sexual and reproductive health; receive one-to-one supportive counseling on adaptation issues (coming out and disclosure)

Community and Recreation: We connect you to people, places, and community events that are LGBT specific to maximize participation in Canada’s civic life

For more information or to learn about volunteer opportunities please contact Riz at ACAS
Phone: 416.963.4300 ext. 30
E-mail: settlement@acas.or



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