ACAS Settlement Program Forum

Participants exchange ideas and information related to immigration and settlement using the forum.  In order to maximize participation and generate fruitful discussions, we ask that you comply with the guidelines below.  Individuals who do not respect the rules may have their privileges suspended by the webpage administrator:

  1. Be courteous (eg. refrain from using all capital letters as this signals yelling).
  2. Please keep posts to a reasonable length and refrain from posting off topic.
  3. Abusive or offensive remarks towards a person or community will not be tolerated (eg. racist or homophobic comments).
  4. ACAS is not responsible for third party posts nor does the agency endorse the contents of the discussion groups, or vouch for their reliability
  5. Do not post obscene, vulgar, abusive, slanderous, or hateful material that is contrary to Canadian or international law.

By entering the forum you agree to the terms above.


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